About me

I am a writer and communications advocate. I believe everyone can benefit from good clear writing and presentation – but it’s no longer enough to think about the words alone. Other essential elements are:

  • Design and usability
  • Content strategy
  • Knowing your audience

I contribute original music reviews and interviews online. I also have years of writing experience in different business sectors including media, legal, public (third sector), logistics & financial services.

I have a keen interest in ensuring the clarity of all forms of communication, no matter what the audience, content or delivery platform. I can produce original copy, or proof-read and edit existing copy, honing it to make every word work hard.

My special interests are user experience, content strategy and compliance/governance (especially data privacy). I hold ISEB qualifications in Data Protection and IT law.

A company director once told me I was “… the kind of person who leaps at the chance to take on a new task and really make it your own”. I like that. I try to live up to it.

I have tough standards and don’t quit until I complete a task to my own satisfaction. Nothing excites me more than having a new project to work on, new ideas to consider and new things to learn.

I’m half of Pasigraphy Ltd: on our company pages you can read a little more about us.

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