Since 2009 I’ve been a director of Pasigraphy Ltd, a company I set up & run with my husband. I enjoy managing our daily book-keeping and administration.

I’ve worked for various organisations, including two of the UK’s leading law firms, a national children’s charity, a leading educational publisher, a pre-paid card company and a large multinational logistics company subsidiary. I’ve managed teams and worked with volunteers. I enjoy variety and finding out how things work.

My expertise has extended to embrace a range of subjects including business continuity planning, compliance and data privacy, online and offline communications and ISO27001 implementation.

As a keen data privacy advocate, I have presented to the charity group of ICSA (Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators) and the CIAN (Charities Internal Audit Network). I co-wrote an article for the Charity Finance Directors’ Group yearbook and participated in the Information Security Forum’s workshop on privacy issues. For three years I was Committee Secretary of the Data Protection Forum, minuting their quarterly meetings.

I’ve been a volunteer archivist for the Players’ Theatre, London, helping to catalogue a huge, unique library of Victorian music hall and early 20th Century sheet music. I was also staff writer for the Bright Young Folk website until August 2016, writing folk music reviews. I now write gig and music reviews for – and i’ve just completed my first interview. I’m also a front of house volunteer for Cambridge Arts Theatre.

I’ve got a good knowledge of French, a working relationship with Italian and a passing acquaintance with Spanish. I have experience of producing informal, non-certified translations.

I hold a BA (Hons) in Linguistics & Phonetics from the University of Leeds.