This version of the 2000AD comic strip seemed much truer to its original spirit than the rather more campy, cartoon action hero portrayed by Stallone. So why didn’t I like it more?

Bleak living conditions, check; deeply black humour, check; massive body count, check.

In the end, this worked against the film overall, making for a gloomy viewing experience. The cast was fine, particularly Karl Urban’s fairly downbeat Dredd, who was very much the dry, sardonic type & his most bitterly scorching lines passed by without fanfare. The┬ástoryline was slim but passable, yet it was hard going to watch. The 3 of us watching expressed surprise that it was only a 1.5hr film – it felt so much longer, even to the action movie-loving teen in the group.

For me, the endless gunfire, gorefest and body count palled incredibly quickly. The washed out palette of colours reflecting the dreariness of life in Mega City One was well-crafted, but I felt as drained as those colours by the end of the film.

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