Killer Joe

Four and a half starsAnother stunning performance by Juno Temple, adding to what’s turning into a very strong body of work. Matthew McConaughey, especially, is a real revelation. His role here is textbook Woody Harrelson psycho territory and McConaughey is possibly more usually regarded as a lighter actor. Nonetheless, here he turns in a seamless blend of charm and sadism that’s both believably human and brutal. 

A very strong supporting cast, too, with Thomas Haden Church, Emile Hirsch and Gina Gershon all giving their characters flawed credibility.

It’s a nasty little film full of the darkest of dark humour that has human fallibility written all over it. It was so wrong, I almost felt guilty for enjoying it so much. William Friedkin has turned in another great film and you may never view KFC the same way again.

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