“You should follow me on Twitter here” – and why it works

When I came across this fascinating study it simply demanded to be shared, not least because Dustin Curtis’s site is a thing of beauty in itself.

Dustin’s Twitter test is an object lesson in the importance of words and phrases. This is catnip, the holy grail of copywriters everywhere: to find the perfect expression that most concisely delivers your message and maximises call-to-action response.

In the test, Dustin put various variants on the standard Twitter invitation wording to the test. These ranged from a simple statement “I’m on Twitter” (to which the obvious, snarky response is “So?”), an imperative “ Follow me on Twitter” (not bad), and the daddy of them all “You should follow me on Twitter here”.

Dustin makes a convincing case for the reason for the phrase’s success (personal address + obligation + direct instruction + location), but I think he seems to overlook what, for me, is the crucial point. Why is this phrase so brilliantly successful at achieving click-through? Because it makes the reader think they might just be missing out on something if they don’t.

And that’s the art of marketing.

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