“Language does not exist in a vacuum” as my old linguistics lecturer used to say. It’s not a static, rule-bound event, it’s an evolutionary process. So, the right words are important for the right audience.

But you also need someone to understand your business and present it in the best way possible. My pragmatic, business-centric approach means I never forget the commercial imperative behind the creative writing.

Previous documentation experience includes:

blogs, bulk mail, business cases, compliance/governance manuals & best practice guides, diagrams & schematics, gap analyses, glossaries, handbooks, integrated documentation suites, knowledge bases, minutes, newsletters, policies/procedures & processes, operational procedures, specifications (functional/technical), templates, training materials, user guides, user help, website copy, wireframes.

It’s not an exhaustive list. f you can’t see what you want here don’t let that stop you. Ask me.