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Barry Nisbet – A Bright Ray Of Sunshine

This review was done for folking.com. Having taken a while to get around to reviewing it because of other releases, it turned out to be very well worth a listen. Many listens, actually.

It’s a lovely album, well-balanced and with some terrific songwriting & playing on offer.

And Mr N’s a sailor, too, captaining a brigantine, the Lady of Avenel, for a week’s sailing and singing around the West Coast of Scotland in July. You can find out more here. C’mon, what more could you ask?

Oh, and I also really love the cover art for this album, which is by Glasgow-based Mick Peter.

Here’s the review on Folking.com.

Corrie Shelley, The Leaf And The Cane

A lovely album, this one. An intriguing collection of songs from a fellow Lancashire lass who dropped out of music making for 30 years, got on with life and has returned, prolifically, in more recent times. Fuelled by tea which is recommendation enough, in my book. Reviewed for folking.com


Winter Wilson, Far Off On The Horizon

An amazing duo who seized life by the scruff of the neck and shook it up vigorously. Using redundancy as an opportunity to see if they could make their music pay as a full-time job, this pair appear to have more than succeeded. It’s a great album, with strong songs and performances. A goodie.

WINTER WILSON – Far Off On The Horizon (own label, WWCD009)

Various Artists, Strange Angels (The Songs Of Elmore James)

An interesting take on the songs of Elmore James in celebration of what would have been his 100th birthday. A stellar array of music’s finest get together to rock out to some classic tunes.

Overall, I’d have to say that it was a bit too guitar-hero for my tastes, and I’d always prefer to go back to the original, but there were a few tracks where something quite different came through and it’s still a fine homage to a blues master.


Ross Ainslie, Sanctuary

Sometimes – often – I get to review the most wonderful music, made by hugely talented people. And there is usually a fascinating story behind the songs chosen/written. Here, it’s a celebration of 5 years sober which is neither pious nor dull but a life-affirming joy. Listen.

ROSS AINSLIE – Sanctuary (Great White Records, GWR005CD)