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The Unthanks, Diversions 4: The Songs & Poems of Molly Drake – Live

I’d desperately wanted to catch The Unthanks’ live show doing the Molly Drake songs that they’d put out as an album. I couldn’t make the date when they played Cambridge, my nearest venue. As luck would have it, though, I was due to be in Dublin the same week they were playing. Tickets were swiftly arranged and stowed in the suitcase.

Dublin’s Vicar Street turned out to be rather a strange venue. It has tiny tables with fixed round stools attached, all laid out formally in rows, and it felt more like we should be settling down to play bingo than watching a gig. Accompanied by a glass of Guinness (mandatory when in Dublin), we sat down to wait for the band.

To find out how it went, read my review, as published in folking.com.

THE UNTHANKS Live at Vicar Street, Dublin (25 May 2017)