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Turning Blue, Benjamin Myers

four and a half starsThis is a fuller version of the Amazon review I wrote for this book. I wanted to expand on some thoughts that I left out of the review to keep it concise.

Harnessing many of society’s darkest fears of the last half-century or so, this grimly murderous tale, unflinchingly told, weaves its themes together and teases threads from the fetid webs of corruption. It certainly gripped my attention from the start and didn’t let up. I read it in just a few days, unable to stay away for long, always wanting to come back and find out more. Continue reading

Short story: Down To The Farm

The following is a short story I wrote for NewConPress’s flash fiction competition in conjunction with the Institution of Agricultural Engineers’ 75th anniversary celebrations. Although my entry wasn’t used, I’ve decided to post it here anyway. The brief was to write up to 900 words on the future of farming, food production & agricultural engineering over the next century: this was my take on it. Hope you enjoy it. 

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