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Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys – Live

Having had the privilege of interviewing Sam last year for folking.com and found him incredibly generous with his time (we chatted for an hour and he’d literally just arrived home after a tour), I still had yet to see him live. Eventually, as part of the 2018 Cambridge City Roots festival, I managed to get along to his band’s gig at the Junction. And what a gig! Definitely a band to go and see – real crowd-pleasers and full of energy. Here’s my review, also for folking.com.


Knight & Spiers – Live

Legendary Steeleye Span / Gigspanner fiddle player Peter Knight and ex-Bellowhead melodeon supremo John Spiers were first paired up by the organisers at Folk East in 2016. This inspired collaboration proved durable, leading to a 2018 album, Well Met, and promotional tour. As part of the 2018 Cambridge City Roots festival, I was lucky enough to go along and have a listen. Here’s the review written for folking.com.


McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle – Live

As part of the 2018 Cambridge City Roots festival, I went along to see Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker & John Doyle perform live at Cambridge Junction and reviewed it for folking.com.


Amy Wadge / Luke Jackson – Live

Another day, another gig as part of the Cambridge City Roots festival in February 2017. This time it was off to Cambridge Junction to see Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Amy Wadge doing a double-headliner with Luke Jackson.

Jackson was the real draw for me, since I’ve got his albums but hadn’t yet managed to see him live. To be honest, I wasn’t really too sure who Amy Wadge was (sorry, and I know now – she co-wrote the bestselling ‘Right Where We Are’ with Ed Sheeran!), but quickly got to like her down-to-earth presence. The dynamic between Jackson & Wadge was lovely, with lots of mutual affection (she seems like the kind of aunt who might have slipped him a sneaky Babycham at Christmas when when he was young).

It’s not the first time these two have done the double-header tour and they plan to do it again in future. To find out whether you should book your tickets (spoiler – yes, you should), read the review I wrote for folking.com.

AMY WADGE AND LUKE JACKSON live at Cambridge Junction