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More than vs. more that

Recently, for the first time, I found the nerve-shreddingly illogical phrase “more that” (instead of “more than“) in a printed book. This seems, to me, the tipping point at which it has definitively crossed into the mainstream as a linguistic mutation. On p.75* of Helen Macdonald’s bestseller, H is for Hawk, is the following text:


It’s a well-written book whose author is highly educated and intelligent. There were many points at which this error could and should have been spotted. Whether it crept in from the original manuscript or during typesetting, none of the beta readers or editors appears to have flagged it for correction. Continue reading

Communications: The Importance of Proofreading Part 2

Yesterday, I received an email about an event that had previously been advertised as being about “crown funding”. As it turns out, it was nothing to do with royalty handing out wads of cash (sadly), but actually related to a discussion on “crowd funding”.  Mild hilarity ensued for a moment, and then… Continue reading

Communication: Proof, if proof were needed (it was)

I took the pretty shonky little snapshot below with my phone while perched on a very narrow step outside my local branch of a well-known national bank (you know, the one with the cringe-making faux radio station tv adverts…). As you can probably work out for yourself, the picture is of a section from a careers poster. This poster has been on display for at least 6 months. I know this because I took a previous photo of it back in November that was even worse than the one I’ve included here and it’s taken me until today to get round to re-doing it & finishing this article. Continue reading